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05:39pm 22/12/2009
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Do you see what happens, Rio?! Do you see what happens when you get fucked by a stranger in the ass?   
12:33pm 17/07/2009
  You lose all your shit.

LOL... wait, no.

My computer got hepititis from lulz.net and, to make a long story short, I had to wipe my drives. Gone are all my purchased music from iTunes, movies, games, /b/ folder and porn. Oh well, they're all replaceable. And a HUGE thank you to my best friend who happens to work for Geek Squad for helping me pro bono.

Let this be a lesson for any of you to get the required updates on your antiviral software. And stay away from lulz.net/furi, anonib, and other carbon copy websites like these. All I did was visit [lulz.net] and was attacked.

So now it's back to square one, remove all the crapware from the factory settings.
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Buncha Assholes...   
01:12pm 07/07/2009

EDIT: (Last year's fest) Who was the walrus?
11:19am 09/05/2009
  First test post from my DSi. It's a tad slow but at least it works.  
03:24pm 08/05/2009
  Well, I went ahead and splurged on the new DSi and I must say, I'm barely impressed.  I suppose I should have learned from the old Game Boy Camera that Nintendo just can't do digital photography.  But then again, they're in the video game racket.  
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03:56pm 18/04/2009
  Well, I suppose it's time to update this thing.

It's been a long while, but I have a job at Culver's, flippin' burgers, but hey, this is better than nothing.  The good thing is, I'm probably gonna run the kitchen as soon as I finish my training.  Nyx says that I'm probably gonna be the one replacing the crew chief that quit a few weeks ago.  So that's not too bad.

It's spring, but still rather depressing.  Fritz and Circa are moving away, and they are the best friends I've had in LAFF.  I hope they have a good time in Seattle, and there's always crash space here if you ever come visit.
On Furp   
03:28pm 19/02/2009
  I can't say I knew him well, but when the people you know and love are grieving at the loss of him, you can tell how much he has touched the community for the better.  He was an active presence in many people's lives, and my condolences goes out to his family and friends.  
06:19pm 12/02/2009
  Fuck this Lost Sanctum crap. How many times do I have to climb this thing? (Chrono Trigger DS... it's addicting.)

Valentine's Day = Alcohol poisoning. Callie my_favorite_nyx turns 21.  Happy Birthday! ^_^

Jess, I hope you call me about this weekend ASAP.
obscure chrono trigger comment   
03:27pm 09/02/2009
  Fuck your cheesecake. It's mine! Now get out the goddamn way blue wid!  
Rodent Meteorological Failures   
01:33pm 02/02/2009
  To Hell with this Groundhog's Day crap. I can't remember if he ever hadn't seen his shadow in my lifetime. It's Chicago... it'll be cold until May.

I fail at Magic: the Gathering as well.
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I'm peeing out my ass ;_;   
12:22pm 26/01/2009
mood: sick
Fuck you White Castle. Fuck you.

Edit: Rescheduled my interview for 11:30am Tuesday.
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random poll   
02:38pm 25/01/2009
  survey banner  
I accidentally a job interview   
02:38pm 24/01/2009
mood: chipper
Finally we're getting somewhere. I got a job intarview at Provena Mercy Medical Center in Aurora on Monday. And not a moment too soon, I'm afraid. Nyx and I were just scraping by, and probably wouldn't have made the rent next month. I'm just completely ready for work. Hell, I've been out of a job since September 1st. Shit, dude. That's almost 5 months. 5 months of battling depression and boredom. Oh, and broke. Being broke sucks.

And a big, cuddle-hug goes out to kitsune_jess .  She knows why... ^_^
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12:31pm 21/01/2009
mood: discontent
Ugh... so bored and just plain fucking tired of looking for work. I wish I was Hispanic so I could get a job somewhere. But that's America for you. The pie is just out of reach for the poor Caucasian male.

So last week I ran out of my meds. It's funny how my psychiatrist is just as lazy as everyone else.  Instead of just signing a piece of paper as I walk in the door or, hell, just faxing a piece of paper to a Walgreen's pharm which takes no time at all, they had set up an appointment for a week later.  And what's truly epic about this is that she's told me time and time again NOT TO BE OFF THE MEDICATION FOR ANY PERIOD OF TIME.  So it's been five days off an extremely dangerous psychiatric drug, I'm still getting those 'brain zaps', I've been nauseous and loopy ever since day one off the drug.  I just wish I could move on from all this shit, start over with a clean bill of health and new life, but it's not gonna happen.

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07:10pm 22/12/2008
  Hiya furs out there.  Bowling was tons of fun.  Like, a lot more than I even expected.  Mad-Libs and beers and foodz at Omega.  Mmmm... skillets.  The only downside was that it was fucking freezing.  But you make due with what God dishes out.

We got to meet many more folks out in LAFFland and reacquaint ourselves with others.  I couldn't of asked for a better group than this past meet.  Thanks for all the good times! ^_^
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12:27pm 16/12/2008
  I can't remember a winter when I ached so much.  Everything seems to hurt more and more.  My knees especially.  I can't walk down the steps of my apartment without wincing in pain.  And it's not like I did anything to hurt it.

I guess I need to start walking more to build up some strength in my knees.  I've been neglecting my fitness for a while since all I've been doing has been looking for work.  I just wish it wasn't so damn cold and icy outside. 

Christmas shopping's still a pain.  No one in my family knows if they even want anything this year.  This year since money is soooooo tight, it might as well be an Imagination Christmas.  Now I know that the holidays are not a time to worry about material things, but it's always been about the presents at my home.  Minimum spending limits, the number of presents, who buys what for who, etc.  I envy the young children who know nothing about the real holiday and are in a fantastic stupor about Santa or the birth of Christ.  Maybe this post makes no sense, but whatever.  I guess I just haven't been looking forward to Christmas.

Well, that about wraps up my rant this afternoon.  I'm gonna make an appearance at LAFF's events this month.  I just miss them so much.  I've been jonesing for the furries for months.  See y'all Saturday.
what the balls   
11:09am 15/12/2008
  It took me 30 damn minutes to de-ice my car this morning.  What the hell happened last night?  Lousy Smarch weather....  
05:15pm 14/12/2008
  You spend every possible waking moment together, while I'm out running around with a bunch of 20-year-olds who only want a good time and cheap sex sex sex. Girls who can't say no. Girls who can't get enough. "More, more, more. It's your turn now to wear the handcuffs... ”

It's good to be me.
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08:46pm 28/11/2008
  Holy shit I'm still alive. No internet blues...

Jess, call me sometime.
hey buds ^_^   
03:21pm 16/04/2008
  No, I haven't fallen off the face of the planet just yet, but instead, I've found a new place to live out in Downers Grove.  my_favorite_nyx and I are living together in the Prentiss Creek apt complex off Woodward ave.  We'll both be @ bowling so we'll see you there!